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The Truth About Rest

In a culture where grinding is celebrated, one must be deliberate about taking time for rest and relaxation. It’s to the point where in many circles, some require a vacation from a their vacation. Even in today’s attempts to take a break, the body and mind can still be overworked. There is no wisdom in the phrase work hard and play hard when working and playing actually deplete you instead of reinvigorating you. The key to true rest is abiding in it as you work and play; and that starts within.

To rest is to remain and continue in existence. It also refers to peace and stillness. Rest is a way of life, not an activity set aside for the weekend. It does not come and go with the shifting of external forces or circumstances. Rest itself is a built-in posture that exists without haste, fear, or toil.

Here are some points to consider and hands-on ways to mold rest into your everyday life:

Mindset. Again, rest is to remain and continue in existence. Most don’t have an issue with remaining as much as they have a challenge with the inner-environment they find themselves remaining in. The idea of mindset can be likened to a thermostat. Thermostats are different from thermometers. Thermometers only measure the temperature of the room while thermostats determine the temperature itself. With that being said, discovering whether or not you function as a thermostat or a thermometer is fundamental. In doing so, you are able to fine tune your way of thinking, aiding the process of inner stability and making space for rest itself.

What truths is your mind set to? What are your core beliefs? What is the overarching theme of your genuine expectations? Finding the answers to these questions set you on the course of pruning and planting which leads to our second point...

Beliefs. Do you believe rest is available? There are plenty of people who do not subscribe to the concept of a stress-free lifestyle. Some don’t think it’s possible and find themselves accepting the very nature they despise and actually work hard to avoid. People work really hard to simply rest. And the one who knows the power of rest, knows that rest itself makes work effortless. Beliefs are major because it is challenging for an individual to seek out what they do not believe exists. Belief is a compass that leads and guides us to the substance of our hope. What do you believe about rest?

Risk. Most won’t use this language in regards to rest, but many hold a belief that resting is a risk. They think that taking a moment to be still is dangerous. Again, these words may not be used or even thought of but the display of anxious thoughts and fidgety behavior experienced when "resting" reveal these core beliefs. So, if one is unable to sit still for five minutes, how much more difficult will it seem to adopt rest as a lifestyle? Rest is not the absence of work but the fuel that makes work purposeful and impactful (and creatively adventurous). Rest is the engine where ideas and answers are found. It’s the tires that make the journey smoother. If your mind tells you that rest is a risk, take the chance and risk it all. You will find that there is more for you than against you; there is where you will find the infinite truth about rest itself.


Remember, rest is not the absence of work but a lifestyle to be lived whether you’re working or playing. It is to remain and continue in existence; and mindset is the place where the inner-being functions. If your mind is set on a lifestyle of toil, rest is difficult to embrace.

Practicing Rest

Take the next three days to practice rest for at least one minute; you can use our 60 Seconds of Stillness video to support you on your journey of entering into rest. If you are ready, use our 15 minute Mood Playlist.

Once you have completed the video, ask the following questions (out loud then write them):

Do I live a lifestyle of rest?

What may be preventing me from resting?

Do I believe true rest is available for me?

What areas of my life am I not resting in?

What areas of my life am I resting in?

How can I live a lifestyle of true rest?

Journal the answers as they arrive while being patient with the responses. Get your soft cover LifeClub (Greatness is Intentional) Journal here.


Tashima Jones is an author and life coach who focuses on personal development and building inner-wealth. Tap here for more on her coaching sessions. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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