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Living Life More Purposefully

Credit: Henry & Co./Pexels

Intentional living is a life established in purpose. And not so much of an occupational purpose but one of inner - resolve. Purpose is the reason why a thing (or person) exists, and on a fundamental level, human beings are designed to love (and be loved), coexist in community, and grow. One may not be able to define love but they know what it feels like; isolation has a way of telling us we were created to be with one another, and prospering is an innate desire (that many may not be able to comprehend or express in words).

Each and every one of these attributes seem to be coded in our DNA. So, when we think about purpose it really is a matter of tapping in to discover how love, community, and growth show up in your personal life.

Love. There is much talk about love languages and how to show another person their value in your eyes. This concept also considers how you would like to receive love from another. One important factor that tends to be overlooked is love itself. A person is capable of carrying out the actions of physical touch and speaking words of affirmation and still be void of love. Love is a core belief and value that starts from the inside and works its way out. This is why many find themselves going through motions of a thing yet they still feel a bit empty.

Living purposefully in love begins with discovering what true love really is.

Community. Man is not an island; there is an intrinsic need for human connectivity. This is not to say that time alone isn’t fruitful. Moments of solitude and reflection have a way of making us better; not only for ourselves but for those in proximity to us and the world at large.

How we engage and interact with each other ignites a sense of belonging and fulfills that part of purpose that can’t be achieved alone. The beautiful reality about community is that it can literally be you and one other person.

Living purposefully in community is found in being present and seeking peace in the space you find yourself in (whoever you find yourself with).

Growth. All things in nature have the property of growth; this is found in the object itself maturing or multiplying through its offspring. Growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally are also ways in which we all cultivate and develop. Growth is a part of purpose. It is important to note that society and culture do not set the standard for how you grow as a person. Too often, many individuals base their potential and progress on external factors and other people. But comparison is the thief of success.

As you live life purposefully in the area of prospering, be intentional about growing from the inside out.


Set aside at least 10 minutes this weekend and consider what love, community, and growth mean. Reflect on ways you are/can live more purposefully in each of these areas. Journal your experience.


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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