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Keep Building: How to Stay Focused

Goals are interesting; it’s as if you’re signing up for a marathon each and every time you set out on obtaining a new one. There is the starting point, the actual run or walk, and then the finish line. When one steps out to achieve an endeavor, they are making a commitment to finishing. Essentially, when you decide to pursue a thing, you are signing a contract that binds you to seeing it through. Think about it, the goal in hockey represents victory and championship. It's the main focus of the game. Many people don’t see their personal goals in this manner, and it explains why many never fully arrive.

Setting goals are easy – remaining committed to seeing them through is where the true desire of that goal is revealed. Here are three keys in remaining focused on the journey.

Consider. Prior to even setting a goal, take time to consider it. Remember, when you think about the game of hockey – the goal represents scoring or winning. You have to see your goal as a thing worthy to be pursued and obtained. What’s your why? When you discover the reason for your intention, it creates a sense of devotion. If it matters to you, you will remain focused.

Train. For any race, training is necessary. In this case, training happens on-the-go. And you aren’t training for the journey to the goal itself, you are training for when you arrive. Too often, many arrive at a goal only to revert back to old ways. The reason being that the lessons experienced along the way didn’t become a part of the individual’s core values and beliefs. It’s the difference between knowing information and merely memorizing it for a test of some kind. All of the tools it took to get you to the finish line will keep you there (and have the potential to take you even further). Don’t forget your training.

Start. Just start. Far too many never start because of imagined what if’s. Their dreams and visions stay locked up in the chamber of their heart due to fear of the unknown. This type of behavior only stunts your growth and does more harm than good. Everything in life is a risk. And the things we don’t see as risks, were once chances we took and made it to the other side. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as healthy fear. You can’t live life in fear because a life lived in fear is not living at all.

Focus itself means point of convergence. It's literally the center or floor of a fireplace. To truly remain focused is to keep in mind why you do what you do (consider), applying the lessons learned (train), and beginning right from where you are (start).

Keep Building. Stay Focused.

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