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Embracing Your Now

Credit: M. Viana/Pexels

Some have an aversion to embracing the present moment; there may be a preoccupation with the future and in some cases it’s a longing for what was. Many don’t realize that the rejection of the present moment may very well be because they desire more than what the present moment appears to offer. In doing so, they are rejecting not only what can be in the present but also pushing away the building blocks of the future.

Today is all anyone truly has, and if not accepted and embraced, one will look up and wonder where time has gone. Embracing the now doesn’t mean settling for less or that more isn’t on the horizon. What it is does mean is that you actually get to live. To live is an active reality; it is to function in a present state of mind. When we consider breathing, we see that it is not something that happens in the future or happened in the past; it is an active vitality. It’s life. So if the mind is seeking to foresee the future or if the emotions are stuck in the past, where is life happening? When do you actually experience now?

This type of mindset leaves many divided within; they don’t experience the joy in today because they are distracted by yesterday’s joy and tomorrow’s concerns. Too many are grappling with the questions of when will my life begin? and what could my life have been if...? Here are a few keys to embracing now:

Start From Today. Starting from today is major because it's all you really can do. There is a limiting belief that says life is a straight line; it is founded on the idea that what happened years ago defines and determines what can happen today. Understanding that you are not the sum total of your experiences but what you believe about those experiences, has the power to shift your perspective and the trajectory of your life. Starting from today creates a blank slate upon which you can navigate going forward. A huge part of this is healing but even in healing one must start from where they are.

Accept Your Presence. You are here. Think about it. You are right here, right now. In whatever state you find yourself, accept you. Sure there is growth and more milestones you desire to accomplish but the only thing at the end of a finish line is another race, so if you don’t enjoy the journey when will you ever be satisfied? High profile professionals, driven creatives, and the like tend to not remember enjoying the journey when they are rewarded with the medal of accomplishment they so eagerly sought. Instead of fulfillment, they continue to chase the high of getting to the top. When there is a moment of stillness and reflection that same person will recognize that the joy was truly always in the process. Accept your presence and that you are here, now.

Recognize that now is all that is. You do not know the future and the past is a vapor. Now, like life, is active; it is alive, if you will. It’s the only space and time being occupied. Not living in the now takes away from true rest, fulfillment, and joy. Now is truly the only time that exists. Embrace it.


Based on the article, set aside at least 5 minutes to consider the following:

  • Do you feel as if you are running away from the past by trying to get to the future you imagine?

  • Does your present not match what you had in the past or what you thought it would be?

  • Do you believe that if you embrace the present you won’t experience more than what you have in the present?

  • Are you able to see that the present moment can be a building block for the future?

Be sure to journal your experience.


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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