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What Happy People Do to Stay Happy

Credit: J Lee/Pexels

Happy people actually exist. When one finds themselves striving to be happy, it’s easy to assume that those who display a sense of joy and delight aren’t really doing as well as they appear to be. Arriving to this posture in life may come with a price, so the next best thing to consider is how to remain there. Here are a few tips on how to stay happy.

Consistency. Keep doing whatever you did to get there. It’s vital to remain consistent. Don’t be the one who makes it to the mountaintop, only to slip back down to the valley. It’s similar to a person who works hard to be healthy and defaults to the habits that created the challenges to begin with. Remember why you did what you did and keep doing it.

Elevate. While maintaining the mindset and habits that got you to happy, be open for elevation. Life is all about growth and placing a ceiling on happiness can dwindle it away. Be a seeker of wisdom as well as a facilitator of the happiness of those around you (not by trying to change them, but by sharing the keys you’ve used and discovered along the journey). Happiness has no cap and it’s a pleasure to share it with others.

Enjoy it. Don’t let your happiness go to waste. Take moments to really enjoy the happiness you hold. Oftentimes, the pursuit of a thing can cause you to not see that you already have it. Fear of missing out leads to missing out. This is why you must understand that the way a thing is obtained is the way it will be experienced. If happiness was sought in fear, it will ultimately be lived in fear (and that should make many consider whether or not they have genuine happiness). Learn how to enjoy what you already have.


Ask the following:

What is happiness?

How did I discover happiness?

How can I experience the happiness I already have?

How can share happiness with others?

How can I expand happiness?

Be sure to journal your experiences.

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