Time & How to Effectively Use It

Like gold, minerals, and air – time is a natural resource. It is not made by man. Unseen to the natural eye, it is also of supernatural descent. As human – beings we must become more aware of just how to use time appropriately.

What is time?

The concept of time is worth understanding. Many of us don’t fully grasp what time is and when we know the definition of a thing we are better equipped to using it properly. Time is literally space between events. The process of a thing occurring fills in that space. When we realize this truth, we will operate in our daily lives differently and more efficiently.

Mindset Towards Time

Space is unlimited. Time is abundant. You can never deplete it. The only limited resources are those that are made by man. Remember, time is a natural resource – it never runs out. Our mindset towards time has to be rich. We have to see that we have more than enough time to complete daily and seasonal activities.

Appreciate It

To appreciate a thing is to increase its value. We must not fight time but embrace it. Accepting time as an abundant natural resource should lead us to place value on it. When we do, we maximize it.


As you work your way through truly understanding the concept of time, you will come to a place of effectively organizing your day. A day of time well spent should include the following:

Early Meditation & Prayer

Eating Healthy & Exercise

Moments with Loved Ones

Meaningful Life Work (what you are called to do)

Moments of Learning New Things




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