Elementary School Dating

Could you be dating like your elementary school self? If you are an avid listener of LifeClub, you know about the "5-year old self". The younger version of you; the you, you once were. When it comes to many issues of life, we often times are in the process of healing that 5-year old (14-year old, 18 year-old ...well you get my point) self. This time around we are actually going to catch our elementary school self up to the mature, wiser, more conscious version of who we currently are (becoming).

In elementary school, the prerequisites and requirements for liking a person and potentially having a crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend were pretty simple and surface level. Cute and in close proximity. That's pretty much it. You really didn't know or even seek much more in a person. However, experience serves us well or eventually serves us well. As we mature, our standards should also grow. We should start to seek out more than just how someone looks and how their looks make us feel. Yes, looking can make you feel a thing or two. As adults we call it attraction. But if truth be told, you can be attracted to that donut you probably shouldn't eat, that one more cup you shouldn't drink, or that place you shouldn't be in.

The same is true for partners, just because someone looks, dresses, acts, or smells a certain way doesn't mean you like, love, or are called to be with them. This is where we need to graduate to; a place where our standards are at PhD. level. If you are still dating (or liking and "loving") based on what you can see, you will be led astray. To know a person is to experience that person; it is to try that person, to witness how they function on a consistent basis. Too often our hearts aka our mind runs away creating scenarios that don't exist and producing feelings that are premature and naive.

We also need to understand our core requirements for another even getting our attention. Attention is energy and while energy is never destroyed, we could always find ways to use it in producing life. Giving your energy to a person based on sight is a sure way of waisting it.

As you move forward in your life of dating and simply understanding yourself when it comes to romantic relationships, be sure to upgrade your standards and graduate from that younger (less aware, elementary) self.


Photo: Pixabay


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