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Dare to Be Happy

Photo Credit: S. Hazelwood/Pexels

Do you find yourself waiting for a thing to happen in order to genuinely be happy? Have you ever thought when I get my big break, get married, or have children I’ll finally be fulfilled? Most people are holding off on employing joy for a time that never really arrives. Happiness isn’t wrapped up in an opportunity, partner, or even family – it is the result of making room for joy to exist no matter what.

The issue with most is that happiness appears to be a risk. Many put it off due to a fear that it will be taken away. And this is the mindset that believes things, people, and circumstances are responsible for happiness. And that’s the thing, joy can be consistent when we see that it is not connected to external factors. One must recognize that joy has the power to stand alone. In fact, it actually has the ability to override situations and circumstances.

Here are a few ways to tap into joy on an everyday basis:

Finding Gratitude. Oftentimes, we are told to be grateful for what we do have; this is slightly erroneous because it points to possessions and external factors. But finding gratitude in the air you breathe and the opportunity to exist on planet earth skyrockets joy to a galactic level. Consider that! It has been said that scientifically the potential odds of being born are 1 in 400 quadrillion. Really think about this. You being a human being is (in simple terms) a miracle. Now, ponder the concept that we live on a floating planet in outer space. We are suspended in space on the only planet designed to host life. Like what??? Really take this in. When you do, nothing else but joy is experienced. Find gratitude in your very existence.

Finding Purpose. With that being said, it is fitting to mention purpose. Purpose is the intention of being born. And while some are still on the journey of discovering it, we must not overlook the connection our physical form has to the planet itself. We are truly part of it; the air we breathe is found in nature and the carbon dioxide we release fuels nature. We are all part of this one miraculous ecosystem called Earth. Your very breath contributes to the function of all natural life. And that’s a big deal. Throw in the talents and abilities one is gifted with, and you’ll find joy expressing itself even more.

Finding Happiness. The word happy is closely related to the word bless; and the heart of the word bless is access. Tapping in to the Life Force opens up the galaxies for those truly seeking it. The concept of happiness is linked to the awareness of what it truly means and acknowledging that it exists. When we come to the point of seeing joy for what it really is, daring to fully walk in it is worth the illusion of any risk.


Sit still for at least 2 minutes and consider what it means to be human. Think about the chances of being born and the fact that the fibers of our physical being include elements from the Earth.

Then focus on the connection between the invisible air you breath and the life it gives to the forest.

Now, meditate on the word happy and pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind. In addition, write and seek the answer to the following question:

How can I make room for joy to live in and through me?

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Tashima Jones is an author and life coach who focuses on personal development and building inner-wealth. Tap here for more on her coaching sessions. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

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