Build Wealth: Little By Little

When it comes to wealth, too many wait for the BIG break, winning the lottery, a random act of kindness or luck. With each and every day comes the opportunity to build wealth. Any person who has real money and stable wealth knows it's a process.

Having the opportunity to work alongside everyday millionaires granted an inside look on just how wealth is built. Those who do not understand wealth believe that there is this alternative secret, some mystical method or even an impossibility. What one will find is that little by little coins are gathered, saved, given, and invested. With time and patience abundance is born.

Gather. To gather is to bring together. Money is everywhere from the penny you bypass on the ground to the coins stuffed in your sofa. It is not the lack of money presenting a challenge to wealth but the blindness to that which is all around. Wealth is a mindset. Give a man with a poor mindset abundance and he will squander it. Give a man with a wealthy mindset and he will make it grow.

Saving. Storing money can seem like a lost art and instant gratification is the thief. With a culture built on credit, citizens of the culture tend to be oblivious to the concept. Think about what can wait or what you can simply do without and save.

Give. If there were any secret to amassing wealth, this is it. Giving to others and causes increases the giver. Similar to a seed sown to the Earth. The Earth always give back more than what was given.

Invest. The true sense of investing is to clothe or surround from within. The nature of investing to cover or put up costs for a venture you believe will yield profit. Transparency shows that the stock market is a fancy form of gambling. Invest money in your personal business and support creatives you believe.

This is essence of investing.

Remember like a child matures, little by little, so will your wealth.