3 Mind Healing Practices to Employ

Physical healing has a way of masking the emotional and mental scabs in need of oil. On the surface, we may have physically relocated, removed a challenge, or resolved a problem but the mental wounds may still remain. The effects of five-sensory realm distress are often times deeper than the natural-self.

Here are a few practices to employ in times of mental healing:

Be Proactive in Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a way of life not a reaction to an offense. It actually safe guards us from being offended altogether. To forgive is not to say the offense was ok, it simply says “I will not view the person or event through the lens of the offense.” You aren't expected to become best friends with the individual neither are you to make the event a part of your philosophy towards life. Forgiveness is a spiritual act of faith, acknowledging a thing occurred; it also acknowledges that the event or person will not define your inner - being and future.

Give Your Emotions a Portal of Love. An emotion is energy in motion. It is birthed from the meditation on a thought; that thought is nurtured from your meditation (the energy we give it aka attention). Create Wombs of Love. The first womb is your mind aka your heart. Here, thoughts gain access to emotions. The second womb is your physical body; here; emotions gain access into the Earth. In essence, if you think on a thought long enough it creates emotions and those emotions (energy in motion) cause you to act in the natural (it could be in the form of a smile or a face full of tears).

Healing from hurt can be a beautiful process if your spirit and body are coated with love. Transform the hurt into something beautiful. Selah.

Celebrate Life. Often times what we call pain is simply change. Transition and progress in all forms causes us to elevate and elevation can be painful, but most important - it's necessary. As human beings, we have to grow. Life is always expansion; it’s always being fruitful; it’s always multiplying. And the pain we experience is from the act of not allowing life to grow within us; and within things and others around us.

Allow Life to Expand and Celebrate it.



Photo: Retha Ferguson/Pexels


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