Facing Uncertainty

We have checklists and visions of the future 5 and 10 years away from now. Some plan with excitement and others don’t plan at all due to fear. The unknown can be a very scary thought; like walking into a huge, unfamiliar building with no lights on, confused about which way to go or what lies ahead. Ambiguity is often times the root cause of procrastination, worry, and self-doubt. It stunts growth and prevents many from moving forward.

We must understand the truth about uncertainty. Here are a few tools to pack in your life kit along the way.

Uncertainty Per Millisecond

Do you realize this very moment was uncertain? Literally. You didn’t know you were going to read this article today. You didn’t know the precise time, including the second, you would wake up this morning. Sure, you set an alarm, but the very moment you opened your eyes was unknown.

When we decide to face uncertainty, we recognize there is nothing to fear because we make it through countless moments of not knowing each and every day.

You conquer uncertainty by simply living.

Release Control

Uncertainty is a product of the need for control. Disclaimer: the only control you have is how you choose to live your life; not the outcome of your life. The beauty in this is that the outcome is the sum total of your choices. And get this, the outcome can be greater than you’ve ever imagined. So, constraining your life to a limited result by way of you desiring control is a disservice.

Release control with an expectation of good.

Power of Now

The present moment is really all we have. Seriously. When you study the idea of time, you will find that there is constant motion. No one and nothing stands still; matter is in constant motion because it is energy. What you see now is just a slice of what is constantly moving. The present always is. The past never is and neither is the future. Depression is trying to feed the past which has passed away. While anxiety is paying way too much attention to the future which hasn't been birthed in the natural. You must grasp this very moment by trusting in the divinity of Spirit to lead the way.

Face now with great zeal and gratitude because uncertainty is a mirage. Do not be carried away by hollow, elemental forces appearing to be real.

Enjoy the journey and trust that your steps are ordered.



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