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The Skill of Consistency

The Skill of Consistency is a 10-week coaching package designed to equip you with being consistent in the areas of self – care and purpose. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a high - profile professional, or a stay-at-home wife with limited time for yourself, The Skill of Consistency Coaching Package helps you develop the habit of regularly showing up for yourself and your calling. It prioritizes you and what you hold valuable. 


Over time, in my personal life, career, and while coaching, I have viewed consistency as a war strategy. Similar to the tactic of exhaustion, consistency has two very powerful abilities. With one brick at time, it can both wear out an opponent and build a mighty fortress. Consistency is a life skill and an asset in what I call your inner – wealth account.

The release of this package comes on the heels of sensing that something big is on the horizon, my question to you is, are you ready?



MIND GAMES: How to Win

In this workshop, you'll discover common mind games and tools on how to win over them. We'll learn the basics on how the mind works and the influencers that impact thinking, decision-making, and behavior. By the end of this experience, you'll have a tips and tools on beating toxic self-talk, obtaining clarity, shifting expectations and more. You'll also gain access to perks in the form of QR codes. 

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