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From Survival Mode to Soft Living | LCWTJ | Episode 82

On this episode, we will discuss transitioning from survival mode into rest also know as soft living. Survival mode is a real thing; and many are functioning in this lifestyle without even realizing it. It’s important to note that survival has little to do with provisions and assets and much more to do with mindset. Tune in to gain insight on how to shift your daily mindset.

Episode LifeWork:

Set aside at least 5 minutes to reflect on the following:

  • Consider your views on survival mode (including hustle culture and the concept of grinding).

  • Would you take an opportunity that listed work until your physical body is whittled to the bone?

  • What are 1 – 3 fears you have regarding finances?

  • Has the fear of lack been a motivational factor for “working hard?”

  • Reflect on your mindset and consider whether or not it is made up of limiting beliefs or expansive beliefs.

Be sure to journal your experience.

Feel free to share that experience in the comment section.


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