Getting a Breakthrough

Often times breakthrough is seen as a moment; an event that comes and shortly fades away. In reality breakthrough is developmental; it is the process of breaking through a level over space or a period of time. For example, a breakthrough in technology isn't a random advancement. It is a process. So, when many speak of or ask for a breakthrough what they are highlighting or seeking is the result of the process and not the process itself. Now that you are equipped with this understanding, let’s discover 5 key points of break-through.

Understanding Your Current Position

One cannot fully experience a breakthrough without understanding their current location. And even if change occurred, this lack of awareness hinders your perspective, blinding you to the very breakthrough in which you seek. Your current position consists of both where you are and where you want or need to be. This can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational. Let’s say you are in Harlem near Central Park on 110th street and you need to get to 155th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue to the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum. Your current position includes being on 110th and desiring to be on 155th.

Too often many don’t realize breakthrough because they are uncertain of where they are and where they want to be. They wouldn’t know it even if they were standing in the middle of the process. Understand your position.

The How

Sticking to our position in Harlem, let’s focus on the how. There are at least 5 ways to get to the Museum: walking, jogging, taking the train, riding the bus, or biking. There is are plenty of methods to break - through, a.k.a the process of getting from where you are to where you want to be. As far-fetched as it may sound, you could even take a jet from Central Park to 155th street. In life, the how is an interesting concept. It includes choice, alignment, and divinity.

Truth be told many of us don’t fully know how we got to where we are to begin with. Sure, there were a series of events mixed with certain choices that landed us in the position we find ourselves in but in all reality, we don’t fully understand the fine details it took to get us here. We would have to go back to the process of how our parents met, being born in a specific country, and other microscopic steps that we may never be able to trace.

The point is this, the how requires trusting Spirit. The how includes how long, the direction, the mode of transportation, the people we meet along the journey, the weather, what we wear, what we eat, where we live and the like. Trying to figure out the how before we take a step in any direction is where difficulty lives.

Spirit knows exactly how we get there, our job is to sit in the vehicle called Trust.

Doing Life Differently

Breakthrough requires a shift in living. In order to get to a new position, a new level, a new relationship, a new tax bracket, a new weight, a new sense of identity you have to establish a new way of thinking. You must cultivate new habits and behaviors. There is absolutely no way you will achieve and experience new results if you keep doing, thinking, and being the old version of yourself. Period.

You really need to get this concept. You have to change.

You have to be willing to develop your muscles mind, body, and spirit. The process of exercise yields definition in your physical muscles. Muscle growth is achieved through literally tearing or shredding muscle tissue that rebuilds over time and grows back thicker and stronger. You must also have a spiritual, emotional, and mental work out plan.

You cannot keep the same thoughts, habits, and actions. You must part ways.

You have to change. You have to do life differently.

Expect Different Results

Expectations are monumental. To expect is to wait for a preconceived result. Usually expectations are based on prior knowledge or the outcome of previous experiences. The key is what your expectations are rooted in. Which experiences are you basing your expectations on; those that were favorable or unfavorable?

Our human disposition is to protect. Too often we are operating in defense mode. Expectations should be based on hope or desired outcomes. Many are afraid to hope in order to circumvent disappointment. This is why alignment is so major (article coming soon). The one thing we must keep in mind is this: we have experienced the past but never have we stepped into the future. And this is what hope is, the expectation of something good.

It doesn’t hurt to hope. Be brave enough to expect different results.

Remain Consistent

Once you know where you and where you desire to be, you’ve decided to trust Spirit for the how, made moves to change, and finally leveled up on your expectations you must then remain consistent. If you fall 9 times, get back up on the 10th and keep going. You will be auto-corrected and rerouted on the journey. You will shed some dead weight and shred spiritual and mental muscles – but you will rebuild and grow back stronger.

You will breakthrough.

What you and so many others must realize is the break through is really you.




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