How to Get Unstuck

This is an ancient theme when it comes to personal development and self – discovery. To be stuck is to be pushed or pressed into an object or space with limited or no ability to move. It is this idea of being embedded in a thing. An interesting point to realize is what's stuck. Is it really you? Understanding this truth is vital.

Here are 5 keys to getting unstuck:


How did you get here? What was the thought, behavior or event that led you to the street called Stuck? Was it a bad break up? Job loss? An unfulfilled dream? Once we pinpoint the moment leading to this space we are then able to start to wiggling out.


Your thoughts lead to emotions and behavior. What was your perspective about the event that caused you to feel as if you can’t move ahead? How we view a thing determines how we manage it in our lives. Our viewpoint is so key in moving past and through moments of chaos. Think back to the thoughts that became your emotions and impacted your behavior.


In all reality, you are not stuck. What’s really happening is that there are negative thoughts and emotions stuck in you. Thoughts are to be observed and emotions are supposed to flow. We must clear out the blockages within. Once we reflect and recall thoughts, we can then start to unpack.

Unpacking includes healing by way of moving through the emotion. It's releasing toxins from our mental and physical bodies by speaking, writing, and acknowledging the challenge. Feeling stuck is the cause of internal blockages. Your core-being is a Helper; it holds the truth about you and the tools needed to advance into your full self.


The amazing thing about voids is that they can be filled and we get to choose what we fill it with. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change continuously. Often times, one may think they are stuck when all they really need to do is renew their minds. The brain is a sponge and it soaks up the thoughts we repeat to ourselves over time.

Once we heal and move past the mental or emotional blockage we must rewire our brain by feeding it nutritious thoughts. Thoughts of forgiveness, inspiration, and positive self-image nourish our thinking. And just like you may have become that low energy thought you can too become one of high energy.


Make a decision to stick to the healing through written and spoken words and allow them to take root until they become your behavior and eventually your life.



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