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What Men Are Saying About My New Relationship Book - Teach Me How to Date For The 21st Century Woman

Like many of you, no matter your age, I have faced challenges in the world of dating. What I have found is that it wasn't necessarily men, but my standards and self - image that led me down a slippery slope of heartbreak in romance. Teach Me How to Date For The 21st Century Woman is a quick guide on Love, Sex, and Singlehood. I share insight on self-worth, personal success, marriage, and the whole point of dating itself.

Be sure to download your copy and start listening today. Previews of each chapter are available here.

Check out what SINGLE, ENGAGED, and MARRIED MEN are saying below:


Tashima Jones is an author and life coach who focuses on personal development and building inner-wealth. Tap here for more on her coaching sessions. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

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