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What Is Life?

Credit: Henry & Co./Pexels

As a coach, I have pondered, studied, and questioned the concept of life for decades. And with each and every 'aha moment' comes new enlightenment on this experience of existence. While it is a seemingly never-ending quest to understand life and all it encompasses (including what it means and what we mean to it), I have found some what I know for sures along the way; those unshakeable truths that no man can escape. Here is one: life is what’s happening on the inside.

When we think about life, we have to wonder how much of it is physical and non-physical. Seeing life through the lens of the external is finite because what we can see and touch is the result or a revealing of what we can’t see and touch. If all of life is what we experience with our natural senses, we are indirectly dismissing the very spark that creates those things we experience. For example, all that we use in our daily occurrences were once ideas in the mind (which is non-physical). Even the songs we sing along to existed in the heart of the songwriter; heard by the inner being composing it yet unheard by its future audience of listeners. Seeking life or an even ‘better’ life has to involve the realization and acceptance that life itself in on the inside of us.

Embracing this truth grants permission and access to the change so many seek and desire. When asking for newness in life, we are truly requesting for something in the inner being to become new. We are asking to think differently. We are asking for our hearts and core beliefs to be examined and reconstructed. Oftentimes, many are led to believe that if they relocated to a new city, or landed a new opportunity, or were in a new relationship that somehow their life would be made new. But the reality of the matter is that no matter where you go, what you have, or who you are with, if the 'you-inside-of-you' hasn’t become new, your experiences will reflect the same image. Even if the person, position, or place is in fact a new thing, your perspective will still see the old. This is why it’s vital to understand that life is the function of the intangible part of you.

Too many people overlook this truth and find themselves in one rabbit hole after another, chasing lifeless things hoping to find life. The moment one sees life through the lens of their state of heart and mind is the moment when they actually start to truly live. It is the moment they can find healthy pleasure in the physical and harmony between both the tangible and intangible. From every argument to every invention, all of life is created within. So, when in reflection about your life be sure to start with what you can’t touch and can’t see; that’s the realest mirror you will ever look in to.


For the next 3 days, consider what you believe life is and reflect on whether or not your values and beliefs align with that belief.

Then consider whether or not your belief in what life is and those core values/beliefs need to be examined and reconstructed.

Challenge yourself and be intentional about seeking out the meaning of life and what it looks like within you.

Be sure to journal your experience.


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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