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The Undecided Vegan: Kale Breakfast Sandwich

With loads of requests to share the foods I eat, The Undecided Vegan is officially launching. It's a category of Quick Reads with a focus on quick meals that you can add to your menu. The journey of inner-wealth also includes what we put inside of our body. There are a slew of trends when it comes to food culture like being vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan (which is much more than what one eats) and the like.

I don't subscribe to any and it may be due to not living in a box but if I had to describe my eating habits, it would be plant-based. It's pretty simple. And when seeing it that way, the transition from a hefty meat diet to one that includes more fruits and vegetables is a lot easier (at least it was for me).

Our very first installment is my Kale Breakfast Sandwich!

  1. Toast Raisin Bread as desired

  2. Sauté Kale & Red Onions in Olive Oil (season if you'd like)

  3. Put it all together...

  4. And enjoy!

Credit: Eva Bronzini/Pexels

Credit: Wendy Wei/Pexels

Credit: Mart Production/Pexels



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