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Staying Mindful of Your Goals in the New Year

Credit: Pixabay/Pexels

As the last month in the first quarter of the new year begins, many may have already placed their resolutions and #goals on the shelf to focus on the daily roles and responsibilities of life. It’s easier to set a goal than it is to accomplish it; so returning to norms and preset priorities can oftentimes be a barrier to actually experiencing a new reality. A major factor in accomplishing a goal is simply being mindful of it. Most people don’t reach their desired destination because it’s out of their view. Here are a few ways to remain mindful of your goals in the new year (and beyond).

Write The Vision. List your goals and vision in ink! Yes, mobile devices can be useful but nothing can ever replace penning the vision on actual paper. This stimulates hope and can be seen as one of the first steps in the vision becoming tangible. Take time and list your endeavors, dreams, and even expectations on paper.

Keep It Visible. After writing the vision, keep it in front of you. Whether on the fridge, desk, or bathroom mirror, look at your goals daily. Take it a step further and read them out loud at least once per day. Remember, mindfulness is the act of being aware. One cannot expect to accomplish that which they aren’t conscious of; even if the goal is met it can be overlooked for this very reason. Keep goals visible.

Invest Time Daily. Set aside at least 5 minutes a day to invest in the goal. Time is usually mentioned as an issue when it comes to establishing new habits or obtaining an endeavor. In all actuality, time is constant; you always know just how much of it you have and it’s renewed daily. It’s not a resource you have to (or can even create) but one that is received. The truth is, time is only any issue when a thing isn’t priority. People find time for what’s of high importance. Getting up an hour earlier or settling in an hour later may very well be worth the investment.

Celebrate Milestones. Genuinely take in the milestones reached. Moments of celebration are motivating and you get to enjoy the journey. Burnout and giving up are products of not smelling the roses on the road of progress. The journey is what makes up most of life. Once a goal is reached another one is inevitably set, so take in what is accomplished along the way.


Put in to practice the tips mentioned above. Be sure to journal your experience. Reflect on the journey as you progress.

Feel free to post below with questions, comments, and moments of celebration.


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