Innovator’s Perseverance

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Being an entrepreneur is no small task. Regardless of the industry – art, music, medicine, or media – more than product, service, placement and promotion, building a business from the ground up is more of an issue with what’s inside of the innovator than the innovation itself.

The way to win at obtaining your goals is in purpose, patience, and yes...perseverance.


A common thread in well-known innovators and those who rise to the top is a strong sense of purpose. Whether it’s Oprah who knew at the age of four that she was made for more or Pharrell Williams who came to believe what his grandmother spoke into him about music – people who fully walk out their destiny actually believe they are called to fulfill such a task.

A major question you must ask yourself is: do I believe I am made for this? And the answer will inevitably be yes! With time, you will fully take this thought as truth – if you don’t already believe. It’s not about feeling good enough, smart enough, or even ready enough. Simply believing in your purpose is what will carry you through.


When you begin to realize that building a dream is actually a process of building you, patience is appreciated. In Will Smith’s YouTube video titled How I Taught My Brother-In-Law to Make a Movie, he said a remarkable line in regards to Caleb Pinkett: I’m not helping you build a career, we’re building a Caleb.

Your journey of purpose is also a journey of personal development. As you create, write, build, practice, research, or choreograph you are also learning more about yourself. You are being strengthened mentally and spiritually and even physically. You are discovering and exploring your gifts and talents. Do not take small beginnings and moments behind the scenes for granted. Rushing to the main stage will ultimately hold you back; instead build and be built brick by brick.


Perseverance is employing diligence, belief, and patience over an extended period of time. Life tests you and you ultimately test your Life and your purpose. Is this truly my purpose? Is this truly my heart’s desire? Is this my calling? Time and circumstance challenge your audacity to believe.

When you persevere, you become equipped and ready for the reward.

Do not give up. Just keep growing.


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