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The Skill of Consistency

Consistency is a weapon of war.

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Author. Life Coach. Pursuer of Daily Peace. 

Teaching Women the Skill of Consistency, How to Slow Down, and
the Lifestyle of Self-Worth.


During my coaching sessions, I feel heard spiritually, mentally, and socially. I am challenged in old ways of thinking and learning to dig deep to figure out where my preconceived notions come from in order to actually get rid of them.

Dallas, Texas

Tashima Jones is an author & life coach for women who desire the skill of consistency, a more gentle pace of living, & the ability to practice self-worth in their daily lifestyle. At her lowest moment (after the degree, house, luxury car, and platinum wedding ring), she found her true self and genuine happiness. Tashima has engaged with therapists, creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs, and millionaires as an on-air radio host/producer covering wealth, mindset, and personal development. Her debut book, Being Broke Made Me Rich, received reviews from the co-author of the New York Times best seller, The Millionaire Next Door, who happened to be her professor...more.

Areas of Focus

Whole Life Coaching Sessions focus on:

  • the daily practice of self-worth

  • the skill of consistency

  • core values

  • core beliefs

Common topics that arise include:

  • Finance

  • Relationships

  • Communication

  • Time Management

  • Organizing your home

  • Purpose/Entrepreneurship

See additional Session options here.

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E82: From Survival Mode to Soft Living

On this episode, we will discuss transitioning from survival mode into rest also know as soft living. Survival mode is a real thing; and many are functioning in this lifestyle without even realizing it. It’s important to note that survival has little to do with provisions and assets and much more to do with mindset. Tune in to gain insight on how to shift your daily mindset.

Catch all new episodes on the following platforms: 

TJM + iHeart + iTunes + Spotify + Audible + YouTube

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Check out the newest Quick Read, Embracing Your Now. Be sure to complete your LifeWork. Read time: 3 min or less

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In this installment of Quick Tips we're focusing on 3 keys to becoming consistent. Run time: 1m30s


Meditation is not the absence of thought, but the power to focus on a specific thought long enough for it to become realized within. Released on Mondays.

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