How to Remain Relevant

July 12, 2018

When you think about brands like Nike, Apple, & Oprah you have to acknowledge this idea of longevity; they never seem to miss a beat. Over decades, the ups and downs of the state of the world, currency shifts and so much more, these brands have managed to stay firmly positioned in the mind of the consumer.


Maintaining relevance is very simple but very much intentional and is pretty much required for or at least something that determines brand success. So, how does one remain relevant in a society that is ever changing? Here are a few tips:

Remain True. Authenticity stands the test of time. Like in any relationship, brands shouldn’t force themselves on consumers…to be honest people buy out of necessity or desire. Trying to be something you’re not doesn’t move a consumer in any direction; if anything being other than who you are will chase your audience away.


Keep Growing. Your brand has to show growth. In dealing with human beings, expansion is key. Growing up with your audience can maintain and give birth to a lifelong relationship. Discover new products and services or something as simple as doing an old task in a new way. Develop as a brand.


Connect with Consumers. Find a way to genuinely connect with consumers. Messaging plays a role, as well as social media and direct interaction. Two questions to ask and answer are:

How do you influence your audience? How does your audience influence you?


Be Transparent. Apologize when you make a mistake, share your intentions, and don’t play yourself. Be real about your processes, systems, and story.


Be Colorful. Have a good time. Happiness never gets old. Ever. 



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