Becoming Iconic

June 14, 2018


Trends come and go but true brands stand the test of time. May sound corny, but its true. Keeping up with trends makes you become one. You could be wasting a lot of time focusing on what's popping now versus building a lasting empire.


What people fail to realize is that what you are creating can really be a household name. Be it personal or corporate, you have the opportunity to start from the bottom up. No company we know of today from Def Jam to Coca - Cola started out with everyone knowing who they were. Even names like Michael Jackson & Drake were unknown to the masses at some point in history. Every major brand was independent in the beginning. 


Understanding this and the following sets you up for icon status:


Practice Being You. Sounds simple but its hard for a lot of people to genuinely be themselves. From what you wear to how you speak, be you. You are not in a race. Icons do not compete. Look at Cardi B. The reason so many people love her and for the sake of this post, pay her, is because she is herself. And nobody can beat you at being you. On the flip-side, getting loved and paid for being yourself is the ultimate dream come true. 


Be Consistent. You will always hear this from me. And I will not stop saying it. The glove, silhouette, hair color, aura, symbol, all represent ideas synonymous with a celebrity or impactful individual. It's not because these things are special in their own existence. It's because someone made them special by associating their brand with it. The fact that we can guess who a person is by the shadow of their body or that certain colors bring certain products and brands to mind shows the power in being consistent. 


Deliver On Your Promise. Put on the best show, write the greatest book, direct the most inspiring film ever. Deliver on your promise by doing your very best. That's where quality lives; in you using what you have at the given moment and making something worth listening to, wearing, reading, or watching. 


Consumer Care. Social media has ousted so many brands and people to point of decreasing profits and followers. Caring for your audience is at the core of your success. Without changing who you are, always remember that people are watching you. Whether you like it or not, people admire you. They follow you. They implement pieces of you in their lives. That's nothing to take for granted. Stand for something bigger than fame or fortune. Doing so, in itself, makes you an icon. 



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