Making Your Idea a Reality

June 8, 2018


Ideas are the very beginning of a grander scheme when it comes to creating. The worse place to find yourself, though, is having an unrealized idea. Not being able to experience the reality of your hopes and dreams is daunting.


Here are 4 steps to making your idea a reality:


Write it Down, Make it Plain. Writing an idea down is the first step in making it a physical reality. The same goes for saying it out loud. Writing and speaking are how we pull ideas into the natural world where we can hear, see, taste, touch, and feel them.

Physical Labor. Discover the ways you can make your vision come true and do the work. This doesn’t mean lose sleep or grind as many people call it. It means you begin acting out on your plans. You contact others, you sketch, you write, you practice. Whatever the work looks like in your industry, you commit as much time as you can to it on a regular basis.


Share. Don’t tell everyone about your idea just for the sake of sharing. Feel people out, see what industries they’re in, share with those who will either cheer you on or help you get to the next level.


Be Consistent. Over time, a leaking faucet can put a dent in a mountain. I cant stress how important it is to remain steady and consistent with creating content, showing up, or sticking to the progress of your idea. Be consistent. No matter how long it takes.



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