How to Monetize Now

May 1, 2018

 People want something tangible when it comes to exchanging money. A book, clothing, a gadget; people want to feel what they're purchasing. And that thing has to be slightly understood by the consumer. They have to see the value in it; how it makes them better. Most entrepreneurs have the problem of not turning a profit because they have overlooked the purchasing experience.


Here are few tips to make some money now:


Order. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. In making a decision to be buy organization is super important. Think about shopping at a store thats unorganized, you don't know who works there, no prices are visible or there is no one to assist you. Organize your website, social media accounts, and paperwork. Once you get an email from an interested customer, have an email message/template already set up. This saves time and provides customer service from the start. Be prepared to actually make a sell. 


Consult. You may be an author but you can also consult. Set up consulting hours to provide advice for those entering the field you've written about. You can even become a consultant that teaches people how to write and publish their own book. The same is true for other industries. 


Monetize Your Website & Social Media Accounts. Did you know you can make money sharing posts and products? If you have a substantial amount of followers or great influence businesses and brands are willing to pay to be shown on your platforms and website. Other third parties such as Google offer advertising as well.


Run a Promotion. It's great to get a deal every now and then. Slightly changing your price to promote a new service goes a long way. Running a promotion for a short period of time opens up the door for new and repeat buyers. 


Remember, to deliver quality and remain true to your mission. Never rush to make a quick buck because it won't last long. Yes, we go into business to make money but there is also a vision behind it. Keep doing great work and the money will follow. 



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