Keep Moving Forward

April 29, 2018

 I randomly stop individuals who are at least twice my age and ask them for words of wisdom. Recently, I stopped a woman a bit shorter than me, and I am 4'11, who was 88 years old and asked for some keys to life. 


For about ten minutes, she went on to tell me about waking up to do what I love. She talked about discovering your purpose and pursuing it whole heartedly. Ms. Gaithers, who has had the same Harlem apartment fo 81 years with neighbors like W.E.B DuBois, and Thurgood Marshall help with her cello to a trolley told me about the freedom in knowing you can stand on your own and do what you love.


Passion is what keeps us going. It's what wakes us up and allows us to get rest knowing that we are doing what we believe we were created to do. This is why we must never give up; we must keep moving forward.


The highs outweigh the lows in the journey of entrepreneurship. In fact, the lows are really just teaching moments; you wouldn't get to the top without them. Ms. Gaithers also mentioned the idea of distraction and not getting caught up in the little things; when people are talking about you and the like. She said keep going, nothing can stop you when you stay focused. 


I am so grateful for that moment and wanted to share it with you. Do what you love, don't be distracted and keep moving forward. 



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