Profit from Social Media

April 25, 2018

Regardless of your profession, I think we could all agree that social media takes work. Taking 100 selfies of which only 1-3 are chosen; snapshots of your latest meal; memories from vacation; products, services, clients - prepping, posting, and then checking for likes uses up valuable time. And its all worth it, if you have something (other than a heart or kissy face) to show for it. 


Be smart about being social. You must have an end goal as a brand and entrepreneur when using social media for your professional gain. Yes, a few hundred likes are great but when its all said and done you are inevitably using social media to market, promote, and sell merchandise. 


Here are a few tips that will aid you in posting the perfect image and getting paid for it:


Determine your intention. Returns on investment come in different packages; financial gain, influence, followers, and reach are a few. Set a goal on what you would like to get out of your social media time and track it. Be intentional in your images and captions as well as who you follow and your interaction. 


Should You Post That. Consider the images and words you use on social media as it is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. The only perspective some may ever have of you is what you share on media outlets so be sure it portrays you in the light you look best in. 


Network. Social media is about being social right? Although I have a like/dislike relationship with it because it takes away that human touch, it is a valuable tool to use to meet people you may never have met otherwise. Today it's easier to reach others in different parts of the world with your message and services. Don't take that for granted. Use it wisely. 


To Post or Not to Post. Truth be told, you don't have to post every single day. Sharing content 3-5 times per week is suffice especially if you are a personal brand or sole proprietor. Understand that social media is not your job it simply one part of it. 



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