How to Fit In & Stand Out

April 26, 2018

Most businesses are trying to understand how to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The same goes for models, graphic designers, developers, producers, directors, actors, get my point. Every individual seeks to maintain their independence while being accepted for themselves. When you finally launch you want everyone to like or need what your offering enough to make transactions. Here are three keys to do just that. 


The Blue Jean Theory. I have this theory about jeans. There are hundreds of brands and while each offer blue jeans I will only purchase from 1-3 brands. Why? Because of the fit and quality. You see, it doesn't matter how many people offer the same product or service, no one can replicate your style. No body. Stay true to who you are  and be authentic in how and what you create. 


Consistency. When it comes to brand loyalty, time is of the essence. Think about it when you first meet someone,  you don't automatically pledge allegiance to them. Over time a relationship grows and along with it comes the commitment. Remaining consistent positions your brand long term allowing time to grow with consumers. This makes the difference between being a trend and being a house hold name. 


Connection. The relationship you build with your tribe is major. Making connections through shared ideas, goals, and common beliefs is significant to brand recognition. In order to create a bond that surpasses product or service, you must consider the humanity of those you serve. And this will make you stand out and fit in all at the same time.



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