Promote Based On A True Story

April 22, 2018



Nike’s recent Shoe Therapy ad featuring Lena Waithe as Dr. Dana Sole and Shalane Flanagan cleverly connects viewers with athletes with shoes. YES! Understanding sneaker heads and those deeply in tune with their footwear, Nike did a superb job at creating fantasy yet real advertising. In fact, the commercial is based on an actual event.


The night before the New York City Marathon, Shalane had a dream that someone stole her Zoom Vaporfly 4%. She woke up in a panic but went on to win. The commercial dramatizes the dream and does so quite well.


The same should be true for you. Effective advertising is adding color to reality. Most consumers make purchases based on some emotional connection to a brand that shares the same passions and interests. With a plethora of choices to choose from, your brand must stand out from the rest. In order to do so one must stick to the truth. Remember, consumers are real human beings, with real issues, hopes and dreams. Tapping into these truths easily sets you a part from others in your industry. Consumers are not fools and can tell the real from the fake.


Produce content that’s based on a true story.



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