Elements of The Perfect Ad

April 22, 2018


Part of the entrepreneur's job is marketing. With the surge in social media and online advertising, some think all it takes to get eyes on your product and service is a click of a button. Honestly speaking, when clients and potential advertisers come to me asking for PR and marketing services one of my first questions is what do you want to happen after being seen?


Here are some quick tips on creating the perfect ad campaign no matter the platform:


Connect. The greatest ads are those that connect. Purchases are made based on need and then desire. Emotionally connecting to consumers moves them from not skipping your 30 second ad to actually making transactions. Keep in mind if it comes from the heart it reaches the heart. 


What's Next? What do you want those who come across your ad to do after experiencing it? Based on your answer be sure to create call-to-action copy and gather the info you need to automate or jump start that next step. Direct the viewer to your website, get the email address from those attending your event, instruct them to follow you. 


Brand You. Create ads that reflect your brand. Ad campaign should include brand colors, logo, imagery and even the same fonts. When people see your ad they should see you. 


Be Bold. One Google Search can yield over one million results. Being bold is key in getting seen. The use of color, language, and sound are all key elements in making a statement.




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