Inspiration: Go For It

April 4, 2018


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Yesterday my family and I gathered together to celebrate my cousin’s leap into pursuing his dreams. It was definitely inspiring. He has lived in NYC probably most of his life, so moving miles away to Arizona and then California is truly a step of faith. And honestly that’s all pursuing your dreams is really made up of; taking a chance on the unknown and believing it will actually work out for you!


I’ve had hundreds of conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives on The Ash Cash Show and one of the consistent truths I hear is that walking by faith is a major key. “Faith it to you make”, “taking the leap”, and “believing in what one cannot see with their natural eyes”; it’s been said in so many ways always ending with faith.


The world has a way of doing things; schooling, credits, and degree requirements, tenure, work your way up the ladder and finally retirement. The thing about it is that not everyone’s journey is the same. We are not carbon copies, so one way is not the only way. Understand that pursuing your goals will not look like everyone else’s; it may not even look how you expect. But the truth remains that faith will get you there every time.


Continue to move forward knowing that your dreams are reality that only need to be manifested. Ideas are beliefs that become tangible. I heard Denzel Washington say: that itch, that desire for good is God’s proof to you sent already to indicate that its yours. You already have it. The mere fact you have a dream on the inside of you is proof that its real. Just keep pushing. You will soon it!




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