How to Grow As a Music Artist

April 3, 2018

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Musicians always ask how they can grow as artists. What many fail to realize is that there is more to building a legacy than the music alone. When we look at the greats, there is an energy about them that surpasses the lyrics, beats, and bars. And even more so, activities behind the scene play just as much of a role as those displayed on the stage.

Remember these four laws while building your music empire.


Perfect Your Craft. Quality beats out everything. Your voice, arrangement, presentation, promotional materials; every representation of your craft and image have to be authentic and excellence. With that said, excellence has levels. Be the best at every stage. If your budget is small, don’t reach for a million dollar look and fall short. Find what fits your budget and be resourceful.


Build Relationships. Relationships are key; and not for the sake of getting unmerited favor. No, keeping honest, talented, and genuine people around you is vital. The music business, like many other industries, can be brutal but with a team equipped with the necessary smarts and mental toughness can be the difference between owing your royalties and signing a 360 deal.


Distribution. Focus on getting your music into the hands of consumers and I’m not talking about likes. Social media is a great start, but distribution is major. Channels like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and others should be a priority. Digital distribution has changed music forever and it allows the artist to connect directly to listeners collecting a high percentage, if not 100%, of royalties.


Create Your Own Platform. Stop waiting for someone to invite you to their table and set your own. Build a website, curate a regularly scheduled event, and produce content. The more consistent you are the stronger your platform. Understand that major record labels and networks were all independent at one point.




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