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March 22, 2018


Facebook has been in hot water since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Back in 2015 Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm used by the current president's campaign pretty much stole data on 50 million unsuspecting Facebook users.  Mark Zuckerberg has been on the hush for a while but has recently come forth to shed light on the issue. After taking a $5.1 billion-dollar loss, I’m sure he has a few words to say. WhatsApp billionaire creator also took shots and started the hashtag #deletefacebook. 


The thing about business and branding is that you are impacted by your associates just as much as you are by your own actions. Be careful who you hang out with, follow on social media, and claim as your client. Brand honesty and loyalty is a two-way street. As a trusted company, you must make a commitment to the truth no matter what. 


In the process of building a reputation for yourself do your due diligence in fact checking, align with brands that share common values and create a strong bond with your audience. 



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