Friends & PR: Real vs. Tech

March 19, 2018


Remember the days when we literally met up with our friends? Sure, we’d use a cell phone to set the time and date but there was an actual point of contact. We hugged, hand dapped, and heard each other laugh out loud. Friends and fans alike are still human beings regardless of the meeting space. Whether Instagram or Face Book, LinkedIn or Pinterest real life people are behind each device interacting with your brand on a daily basis. The energy you put out reflects how others see you.


An immense chunk of building a brand is public image. Here’s where public relations or PR reps come into play. Before you go out and hire someone to handle how you’re received and viewed by the masses, start by cleaning up your act on social.


Start with being your authentic self. You will hear this a lot in my writings because it is the core of branding. You can only pretend but before long, true colors always come shining through.


After being yourself, connect. Find that commonality between you and your following. What are some of the shared likes and causes.


Be Colorful. Now, colorful can mean black and white. Images are major; I’m speaking of pixels. Having crisp images with clear messaging catches the eye and further attention. Find what you like and then make it sharp.


Dress the part. Become synonymous with a look. Fonts, hats, and again shades of color. We know MJ from his glove, Janelle Monet from her suits, and Dianna Ross for her hair. Discover your thing and wear it boldly.



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