Keep Dreaming Big: Queen Michelle Obama & Princess Parker

March 8, 2018


This story just warmed my heart and brought me back to my encounter with Ms. Michelle Obama. Two-year-old Parker was amazed at Amy Sherald's portait of the former First Lady because rightfully believed, she saw the image starring back at her as Queen Status.

Parker Curry, 2, stands in awe of the new National Portrait Gallery painting of Michelle Obama. The photo was taken last week by another museum visitor, 37-year-old Ben Hines of North Carolina. (Ben Hines)


And it gets better for little Ms. Parker. Mrs. Obama then reached out to Parker's parents for an in person meet up. I am not surprised.


A few years ago, when starting TJM I sent out Thank You cards to everyone who has ever inspired me. The list included Mary J. Blige and others. Michelle was on that list! Days went by. My sister called me and said I had a letter from the White House. I rushed home to open up a letter from Michelle Obama. MICHELLE OBAMA!!! That moment gave me so much courage. So much motivation to keep going. Because if Michelle Obama could get back to me then I knew I had something. No, it wasn't in the person. It was in the fact that if you believe in something enough to go after it, you will get it!



I see myself in Parker. Dancing. Having fun with no inhibitions with a Queen. As an entrepreneur, you face an uphill battle and sometimes on your way to the top you have to stop and dance. Celebrate how far you've come and keep going.


"Keep dreaming big for yourself." - Michelle Obama



 Amy Sherald, Artist @asherald


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