July 14, 2017


From street teams to 30 second commercials Promotion is super important to generating sales and building brand loyalty. It is a significant part of the marketing mix.


Way back when, promotions would be as simple as black and white posters with a house wife holding product or reaping the benefits of a service. Fast forward to today, things have certainly changed but the one concept remains the same - less is more. Often times, small business and even large companies go the extra mile when it comes to creating adverts and promotional material that have epic fails at the launch. Take Pepsi’s commercial featuring Kendall Khardashian or the controversial Hair Hate ad by Shea Butter and remember the backlash for Nivea’s White is Pure AD?


Remember less is more. Don't be a victim of trends in attempts to promote your product or service. The number one goal in marketing is for your product to sell itself and that power lies in quality and your audience. With social media, these ads didn’t stand a chance because the general public now has a voice that spans beyond their coffee table or living room sofa.


So take heed to these 3 tips:

1. Less is more

2. Provide Quality Products/Services

3. And Be good to your consumer because (through word of mouth) they will become your greatest marketing campaign


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