Branding - Trust Is Everything

June 23, 2017


When building a relationship trust is everything. And the interesting thing about trust is that it doesn't depend on love. Yes, I am talking about branding here. As always, branding is nothing more than building a life long rapport with your audience. It's a genuine relationship shared between your company and the people you serve. 


So back to trust. While many of us go into relationships, stores, online markets, and other businesses with a bit of skepticism, for the most part we tend to give people and new experiences a chance, however when trust is broken we are more reluctant to be a second time shopper, listener, or consumer. Your audience has to trust you, whether its an audience of one or one million, broken promises don't go too well when branding a company. 


Moving forward, here are a few tips on establishing and maintaining a bond with your followers and fans (and even your mate). 

1. Be Yourself

2. Don't Over Promise

3. Admit when you messed up

4. Deliver quality results

5. Have compassion for your consumer


When you see the people who order, like, and support your business as human beings not just sales and numbers, you are automatically positioning yourself to win. And people are loyal to those they can trust.

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