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February 15, 2017

 Often times we try to equate our ROI on money. But that scenario is truly different in the world of marketing. For example there is no way to calculate the number of customers who see an ad on the highway who actually drive to purchase a burger, book, or boat. The same goes for commercials and even social media posts. Your return on investment takes multiple forms.


Here are a few:

Increase in visibility

Higher engagement with consumers

Brand loyalty


This is hard for me to explain to clients at times because of course a major goal is more and more sales. Building relationships is king in building a brand. Regardless of economic status purchases are personal and just like most of us won’t go home with our date on the first night, people are not so easily persuaded to purchase products from the first appearance or ad they encounter.


In all of your branding be sure you focus on building a relationship with your audience. And here is how that works. Advertising is saying Hello. Marketing is getting deeper into conversation. PR is staying in conversation. And branding is the process of making people fall in like with who you are.


Creating a brand that remains is gaining repeat clients based on how you are perceived. It's about being that go-to brand over one's lifetime. Take Nike for instance, even those who may not purchase a pair of sneakers created by this corporate giant with a 2014 brand value of $19 billion, know of its stance for athletic excellence. And that means a lot. Branding is what consumers and potential consumers think of you! Forbes said if the athletic apparel company had a different name, its market value would be $52 billion instead of $71 billion. $19 billion says a lot and it worth considering. 


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