Brand Loyalty - Like You're The Only Brand in The World

July 14, 2016


Brand Loyalty really comes down to those who truly believe in your product or service. They are those people who support what you do; they stand up for you, tell you when you're wrong, and make your brand better. They are your tribe; your marketing lobbyists. 


Here are three tips to build Brand Loyalty. 


#1. Be Authentic. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that this is a prerequisite for building a brand. You must be yourself. If you want to exist 50 to 100 years from now you must be genuine. People are attracted to you first and foremost, then your product and service.


#2. Deliver quality on a consistent basis. I am big on starting from where you are. But whatever you create be sure its the best you can offer. Build as you grow. 


#3. Pay attention to your following. Understand how they see you. In doing so you will find how much power you have through their eyes. It helps in understanding your influence. And understanding your influence is key. 


#OWN Your Greatness



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