Red Bottoms & The Golden Arches

June 17, 2016


Aesthetic branding, meaning the design and make of who you are and what you create is all about being unique. The great thing about that is you don’t have to go too far to do so. Being unique is found in being you. It’s being true to the core values, passions, and functionality of your company.


From Red Bottoms to the Golden Arches, brands that stand the test of time (or at least a few hundred years) do so by implementing things their way. These brands are not necessarily looking at what others are doing. They are focused on creating gadgets, shoes, and other goods or services based on how they perceive them to be.


So in coming up with your logos, colors, fonts, and symbols remember to do what comes naturally to you. Oprah once said something like don't look at the other guys. When you're running a race, the time it takes to turn and look back slows you down. Create what you want not what you think others want because in doing so you will come to know those who truly want what you have to give.  


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