Brand Behavior on Social Media

September 7, 2015


Social Media is the new campus – a bubble where you meet people for the first time who know nothing about your past and have the opportunity to recreate who you are (or atleast who you want to be). How you represent yourself online determines your reach and...well...your real life.


Social Media Currency

Likes and double taps don’t convert into dollars and cents instantly. And that’s something you have to accept BUT it does equate influence. And influence can turn into cash flow. So use your platform wisely.


Be Consistent

Hourly, daily, weekly, however you choose, be consistent in posting and engaging with followers.


How To Gain Followers

Followers come in various ways. The most obvious is content. Then there are hashtags, appearances, follow backs, and connects. The best way to attract followers is all of the above.


No Filter

There is nothing worse than a potential candidate providing all the right answers and submitting the perfect resume only to get hired and not have a clue about the job. Always be authentic. Make your real life look attractive because in some weird and strange way, it is. Your true story will attract true followers and eventually turn them into consumers.



Be mindful of what you post! Don’t use social media as a confessional booth or ranting platform. Everything is marketing…everything. It’s the reason Beyonce is always smiling.


Some guidelines for posting are:

  1. Information

  2. Inspiration

  3. What matters most to you

  4. Know your target audience


Some post too much of one and not the other. Followers and Friends should know your profession and your passions. And besides that you don’t want your profile to be one long commercial. No one wants to be sold to but if they like you they will buy.


Don’t post a product or service with price points. If you are a motivational speaker, post a clip of an appearance. If you are singer, share a 15 second video of you singing. Always link back to your site where booking information can be found. If you have a cause post it. People must connect on a level deeper than your talent. Another factor is the audience you want to attract; this goes for personal brands and products and services. Knowing your target audience determines what you upload.


Remember, the interesting fact about social media is that it’s real time controlled by you. You are posting images that create up a bigger picture of who you are so make every post count.





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