Brand Identity: Who In The World Are You?

August 6, 2015


Yes, your title is stylist, musician, actor, photographer, and filmmaker but that’s what you do; it’s not who you are. One of the biggest blunders entrepreneurs & creatives commit is failing to get brand clarity. It’s probably because they don’t get the concept of branding, maybe they toss it in the pile of advertising and marketing or simply have no clue of the term at all. I guess that’s what I’m here for.

Here are a few tips to clear up the fog surrounding your brand identity crisis.

  1. For starters, visual branding (logo, website, signage, etc.) comes after brand clarity. Before you invest time and money in creating really dope graphics be sure to sit down and discover the essence of your entity.


  2. More than products and services, branding includes the relationship you want to build and maintain with your consumers or tribe.


  3. A misconception is that creatives, entrepreneurs, and even small businesses don’t need to focus on branding. Contrary to popular belief anyone looking to build an empire in business needs to have a branding department (even if it consists of one person, probably female and 4’11 with a creative agency start-up).


  4. Brand clarity or simply knowing who you are (as a brand) is the heart of every decision made within a company and determines consumer interaction.


  5. Declaring your identity is the launching pad of advertising and marketing initiatives, higher visibility and ultimately an increase in revenue.





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