3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money (And 3 Ways to Do So)

May 25, 2015



Every single entrepreneur goes through a season of not making money. Hopefully this drought happens in the early stages. I’ve been there and if you are a creative you have too. Here are three reasons you are not making money and 3 ways to do so.


Making a Money Plan

Are you actually planning to generate revenue? Yes, you say “I want to make more money” but do you intentionally think of, prepare and activate a money-making plan? To start the process ask yourself the following: How do I make money? What activities generate cash flow? A true entrepreneur has a multiple streams of income so once you discover those products and services focus on producing. If you are not selling anything, no one is buying.


Marketing Money-Making Products

Everything else is posted on your profile except for what you are selling. Followers, friends, and fans should all know about your recent products and services, where to find them and why they need them. Adopt the healthy habit of telling others about what you offer and learn to sell without selling. But by all means sell. Poor marketing is at the top of the list for not making money. Change that today.


Afraid to Make Money

Are you just flat out afraid to get paid? It may sound strange but creatives are afraid to get paid in fear of not measuring up to clients expectations. We do work for free or low fees because we don’t believe our work is worth other people’s money. The truth of the matter is you are worth it. You just have to believe you are and then do what you do best….while getting paid to do it.



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