5 Reasons Creatives Fail

May 20, 2015

Dedicated to the dreamers who only dream, the starters who never finish, and the doers who do too much. Here are 5 Reasons creatives fail.


They Never Start

Simply put if you never start you automatically fail. There is something profound in starting in that it teaches you what you don’t know, shows you what you are great at, and connects you to like-minded individuals. But if you are hoarding your talent and vision in the closet on the shelf, in that old shoebox way towards the back you will never discover the success that awaits you.  


Lack of Commitment

Some just can’t hang in there. Building a company takes time and therefore requires patience. And patience is not doing a task once and sitting back looking for results. Patience is made up of diligence and persistence. It is doing a task once doing it again and then finding what does work if the first strategy didn’t work. Commitment takes patience, diligence, persistence, and a constant belief that your vision will come to fruition.


Not Resourceful

Who ever said it takes money to make money lied ( get Being Broke Made Me Rich and see what I mean). It takes an idea and then resourcefulness. Find ways to get what you need without money if funds are low or plainly unavailable. Sponsors, cross-promotions, and bartering are some of the few ways to get things done and compensate others for their contribution.


Not Sure of Brand Identity

They just don’t know who they are.  Many creatives and companies alike have a buffet of talents and services. So at times it’s hard to narrow down the industry or specific niche. The happy truth is that you don’t have to. The key is finding your dominant service or talent and making them all work together.


Doing Too Much

Creatives can also come off as a bit scatter brained (I’m saying that with so much love). Because your very good at dreaming up ideas you may find yourself doing a bit too much. The best way to combat this is to plan, organize, and prioritize; be sure to complete the projects piling up on your desk first before starting a new one. Seek help and don’t be afraid to hand off certain projects to those who can do it better than you.






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