Go APE (more like guerrilla) - How to Pull Off a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

April 27, 2015


Once you get the idea, product, and packaging (and a few tasks in between), the most important process of selling a creation is marketing. And while corporate giants have giant budgets some of us don't. But have no fear the guerrilla is here. Guerrilla marketing was a concept of advertisement strategy designed for small businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. So if you fit that description take heed to the following in pulling off a kick-butt guerrilla marketing campaign.


Get Attention

Advertisement strategies get you noticed. They promote your product or business to the masses. So you must answer the question: who is my audience? The number one goal of branding overall is to connect with your target market and in doing so your consumers become your marketers. Start by discovering who they are, what they need, and what they like including the needs and wants outside of what you offer.



The great truth about guerrilla marketing is that the focus is on creativity and action. It takes thinking outside of the box and then actually going outside of it. Once you know your audience do something that will grab their attention in a monumental way. Without breaking the law, cause some positive disruption in their world to make them both notice and never forget you.



Uncoventional does not mean unorganized. You must plan your guerrilla marketing efforts; there is nothing worse than making a scene that goes wrong. The goal is to create organized chaos. Plan, create and then promote.



From the street to the Internet, your campaign can take place pretty much anywhere. Guerrilla marketing is not traditional so a commercial run may not stand out as much as a flash mob of dancers painted with your company logo in the middle of Times Square performing to I Got A Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Choose your mode of implementation carefully.


Brand Identity

Regardless of how awesome your campaign is be sure to stay true to your brand. Don’t roll out a strategy simply for shock effect. While planning, work from the brand vision, mission, and personality. You should prefer to be remembered for who you are and not who you tried to be.













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