Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

April 23, 2015

People don't just wake up and decide to be entrepreneurs, they are born that way. And contrary to what some may think (no disrespect - Dame Dash) not everyone is a boss. Entrepreneurship is not an industry like real estate, marketing or finance; it's a calling. Few are successful at it not because they don't have awesome ideas or talent they are simply not wired to walk in the shoes of a natural born entrepreneur.


Here are 7 traits that run through our  DNA.



My definition of resilience is the ability to get up until you stop being knocked down. Although Google defines it quite nicely too - the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity or the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. At some point in time being an entrepreneur became cliche - like everyone had their own company with business cards and all. It may be true until that product doesn't sell for three months straight; no one shows up to the event; or the phone  stops ringing.



Staying focused can be hard to do and the surge in social media apps and living in a big city like NEW YORK doesn't make it any easier. But entrepreneurs have razor sharp focus with the ability to tune out that which does not profit them or add advancement to their goals. And if seemingly led astray, Entrepreneurs have a way of usng everyhting to their advantage - a night out will turn into one of networking or creative inspiration.


Self Starter

Most of us do not need an alarm clock. We go to bed looking forward to waking up. You must possess the ability to do "it" without being told or rewarded.



Entrepreneurs are passionate people. They believe is what they create or support and have this built-in motivation.



Not everyone will call it Faith, but it is essentially believing the what is not currently seen exists. They believe in it's existence so much that they put in the work necessary to make it tangible. I call it our six sense. And when you think of it, it would be foolish to put effort into anything you don't believe exists. 



Vision is what you see within you. Everyone with healthy eyes can see but some are blind when it comes to having a vision.



Communication is priceless in running a brand. If you are not good at working with others your brand will fail. The heart of branding is connection with an audience, target market, or a group of consumers. The way in which you communicate your message will either make or break you. On top of that entrepreneurs know that it takes more hands than two to build a legacy; they know their first customer are those who are working for them.








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