The Good Life: 5 Ways to Make Your Life Better Starting Today

March 10, 2015


Once you discover the truth about life, things get sweeter by the moment. And that truth is this - Life is what's happening on the inside. So if your thoughts, emotions, and perspective on the way things are is drab and gloomy guess what your life will reflect...yes the same drab and gloom. So here are 5 Ways to Make Your Life Better Starting Today.


#1 Stop talking Badly About People.

Did you know that words have power; that power can be used for good or evil. There is a proverb that says - "The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to the inmost parts." Speaking negatively affects the one speaking more than the one being talked about. Toxic words are linked to bad health including ulcers and overall stress.


Do yourself a favor, and stop talking ish about other people. If anything speak love and light towards them or say nothing at all.


#2 Get Rid of The Toxins

From food to certain people, you must rid yourself of negative energy in order to live the good life. If you think about it, part of your issue is either health related or connected to the people you associate yourself with. We can't move off the planet earth so we just have to learn to get along with others. The secret is accepting people for who they are and then deciding the role they will play in your life.


Back to that food - don't expect to feel energetic, alert and joyful if you are feeding your body junk. Switch up your health regimen; adding fresh fruits, green veggies, water and REAL JUICE - 100% juice only (read those labels).


#3 Watch What You are Watching

The gateway to our inner being (the core of who we are - true life) is through our ears and eyes. These are the major pathways to our hearts. If you watch rubbish all day and listen to foolishness when it comes to media your mind is bombarded with unuseful information. Think about it, how did you learn to spell your name, tie your shoe, and read? How did you come to know your colors and address? They were taught to you through sensory mechanisms. Your brain is the most hightech recording system ever invented; soaking in far more information than you can calculate as it's happening.


You are still learning even outside of the traditional classroom. Be sure it's something worth carrying out.


#4 Get a Focus

A wandering soul will always be lost. You are here for a reason; your life's work is first to discover that reason and then to make it happen. Being idle will surely get you into trouble or worse - nowhere at all. Take time to find a focus and then focus on it.


#5 Think Positive

The most rewarding reality about your mind is that You can tell it what to do. You have power to control your thinking, to pick and choose what you will meditate on. Sure random thoughts may pop into your head (we all have that happen to us) but that power allows us to gently redirect our focus. Think positive. And not talking ish about people, getting rid of the toxins, watching what you're watching, and getting a focus will aid you tremendously in doing so.


The moral of the story is don't add any unneccessary problems to your life. The world's got enough of them already. #bnm


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