Finishing: Pick A Project Any Project

November 13, 2014

There is a difference between business and busyness. Having the ability to perform multiple tasks doesn't mean we should do them all at once. The key goal behind any goal is to finish. Imagine a life with incompletion; wheels missing from cars, half sewn jeans; books with no end. The element that makes ideas great is completion; finishing is just as important as starting. Put these suggestions to use in order to see each project through to completion.


Jot It Down

It would be awesome if ideas manifested as soon as we thought of them. But the truth is for every idea is a list of steps needed to accomplish it. Make a list of the ideas that come to you on a daily basis. Some ideas may be found to be part of others already in progress. Then there are times we get ideas that should be passed on to someone else. As you make note of your creativity see which fits where and then prioritize.


Pick A Project Any Project

Choose a project that you see as priority. This priority can be seen as time, reward, or profit. It can be based on other people involved, holidays, generating income or simply what will bring you the most joy. 


Set a Date

Once you figure out which to focus on, set a time for other projects on your list. For example, Project A will be for the month of December; B will be tackled in January, and C is saved for February. In doing so, all projects will have your full attention and turn out to be quality productions versus mediocre outcomes. 


Remember time is on your side so there is no need to rush. The important thing about time is what you do with it. So moving forward think quality and completion. Always remember finishing is just as important as starting. 


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