Papers: Getting Your Business In Order

November 12, 2014

Storing files in folders on your desktop, iMac, or recently invented hand held mobile device is cool but nothing beats an old-fashioned (or eclectic- contemporary) three ringed binder and color - coded dividers. Typing up and printing out the details, departments, and other key information pertaining to your business is essential to structure and dare I say success. Here are some pertinent documents to include in your company binder while getting your business in order. 


#1 Business Overview

Your company should have a general snapshot including its creators, logo, history and core values. Add the mission, vision, and the steps to obtain each.


#2 The Team

Each department and the head of that department along with their responsibilities and contact information should be included.


#3 Products & Services

Be sure to include the products and services you offer. Whether its one mixtape, fitness services or twenty books. List the price and where it can be purchased along with shipping and handling costs if applicable. 


#4 Target Market

Your audience is key. After the product, getting it to the consumer is takes a huge chunk of your business efforts. Make a list of demographics or characteristics of your ideal or current client. Include everything from age, income, lifestyle, and where they can be found.


#5 Marketing Plan

Regardless of the nature, whether guerilla or commercial marketing, draft how you will get your message out. It can be as simple as using social media to obtaining ad space on radio or television.


You should also add receipts, tax & business registration docs, and licenses too. Having a binder and hard copies of important aspects of your business assists in finding information quickly and makes the company itself more tangible. It can be used to inform new employees and investors as well. Take these tips and get your business in order today.


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