Work Life Balance: It's All Connected

November 6, 2014

Working in midtown seemed to consume my life. Corporate America has a way of infiltrating one's time. It barges in unapologetically and demands the focus and energy of its captives also known as employees.


Some employers have even established on-property gyms, restaurants, and childcare facilities in order to keep their human resources close to the office. 


Time goes by and when you finally look up from your desk you find adult children, and a distant mate (in some cases no mate at all). Entrepreneurship is no different; in fact it can be even more difficult because it's an intimate vision and your home may very well be your office. 


The key to finding work-life balance is recognizing that everything is connected. 


Don't Compartmentalize

Your calendar and list of things to do should include both persoanl and professional events and tasks. Birthdays, meetings, doctor's appointments, games, and follow ups all need to be marked in your planner. Laundry, projects, and prayer should be found on the same list. You will find that more gets done when everything is a part of the same picture. 


Without One You Can't Have The Other

Contrary to popular belief we weren't created to simply wor. The whole idea of woring for a living  is truly a handicap in today's society. Family, spirituality and socializing are parts of our chemical make-up; and so is creating and putting our gifts to use. Becoming consumed with either takes the fun and progress out of life. 


Show & Tell

Your family shouldn't be a water cooler  topic but it's important to make their presence known (whether an entrepreneur, CEO or any role in between). For example, Justice is mentioned in a very brief About Me  statement in the signature of my emails. Your family is a huge part of your life. I've also asked if children were welcomed at meetings and special functions. On the other hand, share what you do in the marketplace at home. Instead of the rough days, explain the daily functions of the role you play in your industry. 


The key to finding balance  is recognizing that you are one person. It becomes easier when you that there is no such thing as  work life balance;  just think about it work is a part of life. Remember it's all connected. 


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